Title Agency

SBS Title Agency, LLC

SBS Title Agency, LLC, based in Ottawa, Ohio, provides title and escrow services for Putnam and the surrounding counties in Northwest Ohio. Owned and operated by the partners of the law firm, Schroeder, Blankemeyer and Schroeder, LLP, SBS Title Agency is a full service provider of comprehensive closing services to local realtors, lenders, mortgage brokers, and individuals. Through its affiliation with The Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company, SBS Title Agency has the capability to handle all title insurance, title examination and closing needs.


Title Examinations and Updates

Our title searches are conducted by Attorney Anna Mae Blankemeyer who has been performing these services for more than thirty years. Her background and experience ensures that an accurate history of the land and exact ownership of the property is detailed in every report.

Limited lien and owner searches, as well as property information reports, are additional services that are available. We obtain legal descriptions and provide copies of deeds, aerial maps, and recorded surveys upon your request.

Closings, Disbursements and Recordings

SBS Title Agency offers a full array of closing services for residential transactions, agricultural sales and commercial projects. These closing services include review, explanation, and execution of documents, disbursement of proceeds and loan payoffs, and recording of all documents to complete the transaction.

Our services also include filing of documents for out-of-town attorneys, businesses and individuals.

Document and Deed Preparation

Through our relationship with Schroeder, Blankemeyer and Schroeder, LLP, we are able to offer complete document preparation services. Any documents that are necessary for completion of the transaction, including contracts for purchase of the real estate, deeds, land contracts, and seller-financed mortgages can be prepared by the attorneys in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Title Insurance

We provide a comprehensive range of title insurance products for real estate transfers. Title insurance is a way to protect the owner of the property or the lender extending funds for the purchase of the property against financial loss if hidden title defects (such as fraud, forgery or undisclosed heirs) arise regarding the rights of ownership to the property. The title insurance policy provides protection against claims and legal fees which may arise in the future due to these unforeseeable problems.

Products available:

  • Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance
  • Lender’s Policy of Title Insurance
  • Title Guarantee
  • Preliminary and Final Judicial Reports
  • Endorsements as requested

SBS Title Agency, LLC, is a company of integrity and high standards. We are confident in our expertise and our product, and we strive to serve the needs of our clientele by providing the best possible service in a timely manner.

The information that you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Please consult an attorney for guidance in your own situation.